About the Program

Timmy the Tractor gets “Back to the Basics” teaching children colors, shapes, sizes, the concepts of teamwork and patience.


The Cast of Children’s Characters (including Timmy the Tractor, Manny the Mower, Ralph the Rake, and Bill the Baler) works to help sustain interest in the Family Farm through books, toys, CDs, apparel, a stage/theatre performance, TV show, and DVDs.


A series of adventures will take children/their families to the farmstead and a number of other interesting places (some even in the city).


The half -hour TV episodes, starring Timmy the Tractor; provide “Edutainment” for all ages and airs on the not for profit Florida Education Channel/PAEC (available in twenty million homes -and in schools- across the country).

  • Artwork Provided by Scott Foster

  • Book Cover/Page Layout by Carrie Banovz

  • Music Provided by Deanna Freeman, Tara Fasol-Chambers, & Rich Redmond

  • Costume Construction by William Snyder/MCED

  • Voices by Travis Westbrook and Jacob Payne

  • A very special thanks to Gidion Small/Gidstability Productions


About the Author

Angie Wyatt has covered stories from deep inside the Amazon Jungle and from atop an 18-thousand foot mountain.  Now, the Emmy Nominated News Anchor/Reporter is exploring new terrain.  Angie is introducing a cast of children's characters through books, toys, and stage performances.

One of her son's first words was "tractor."  This instant love of equipment used on the farm inspired Angie to write Timmy the Tractor:  His Hay Day.

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